• Lindsey Boullt – guitar/composer
  • Tony Franklin – bass (Jimmy Page, The Firm)
  • Marco Minnemann – drums (Satriani, Aristocrats)
  • Derek Sherinian-keyboards (Kiss, Dream Theater)

    Preview Release 2017

Samples – ‘Composition’ album

  • Page Revisited
  • Chasing the Whirling Dervish
  • Cleopatra’s Third Eye
featuring Jerry Goodman – violin
Mahavishnu Orchestra
Stu Hamm – bs. Jeremy Colson – dr.

‘Composition’ Reviews

…the original work, Composition, an unabashed collection of innovative compositions that include some of the most legendary & influential musicians of the last quarter century changeover:

Jerry Goodman – violin (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dixie Dregs)
Derek Sherinian – keyboards (Dream Theater, KISS, Yngwie Malmsteen)
Stu Hamm – bass (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai)
Atma Anur – drums (Cacophony, Howe, Kotzen, MacAlpine)
Jeremy Colson  – drums (Steve Vai, Marty Friedman)
Jon Herrera – bass (Bass Player Mag Sr. Ed., Oz Noy)
Sukhawat Ali Khan – vocals (historic Indian/Pakistani lineage)
Peter Van Gelder – sitar (Zakir Hussein)
Mingo Lewis – percussion  (John Mclaughlin, Mile Davis, Al DiMeola)