Adopted – The Movie. A Film by Barb Lee.
Finalist Tribeca All Access Film Festival 2007.
Lindsey Boullt-Composer. 2007-’09.

Art Is. AI. “Witch Doctor” Lesher Ctr. 2016

Drawn&Quartered – Lindsey Boullt, Atma Anur, Marcelo Nicoli – bass.
 (2001 November To DisMember MetalFest Promo; “Olivia’ is a beautiful ballad).

Tribute to John Mclaughlin & Shakti – Joy. Kai Eckhardt – bass. Faisal Zedan – percussion. 2015

Twirl – with Kai Eckhardt – bs.
Naima Shalhoub – vx. Faisal Zedan – perc. 2016

Call For Peace – Art Is. AI. Promo Clip 2016

LEFT: Tony Franklin Legendary Bassist INTERVIEW Bay City Life TVseries 2014. Lindsey Boullt segment host.
RIGHT: Tony Franklin  Zakk Wylde  Chris Layton Experience Hendrix Tour 2014 Fox Theater Oakland CA. Tony invited me backstage to hang, following the interview with him. So I climbed up on the rafters to watch the whole show. Buddy Guy, Billy Cox, Renee Zellweger…etc.


‘Farewell’ – written for my son, David de la Torre, going off to college…

 ‘Bravo Davo’  – written to the grandeur of his acceptance to UT/Austin. Now Alum. Time flies.

Aurora’s Aura. featuring Jerry Goodman – violin.

The astonishing Atma Anur – drums.