Bravo Davo  – written to the grandeur of my son, David de la Torre’s acceptance to UT/Austin.
Farewell – written for David going off to college…now Alum…time flies.
Drawn&Quartered (instrumental) – Lindsey Boullt, Atma Anur, Marcelo Nicoli – bass.
 (November To DisMember MetalFest Promo 2000; Stu’s not on this one. “Olivia’ is a beautiful ballad).
Tribute to John Mclaughlin & Shakti – Joy. Kai Eckhardt – bass. Faisal Zedan – percussion. 2016

Art Is. AI. “Witch Doctor” Lesher Ctr. 2016

Osam Ezzeldin. Tina Glenn. Lindsey Boullt.  Sean Rickman. Kai Eckhardt. Samantha Franklin.
Guitar Olympics 2007 – Super Speed Ensemble GIT
Lindsey Boullt’s Open Counseling at
Musicians Institute-Hollywood
Lindsey Boullt – Composer, Point Made Films NYC, music for the film, Adopted – The Movie. Director – Barb Lee.  Finalist Tribeca Film Festival 2007.
Twirl – with Kai Eckhardt – bs.
Naima Shalhoub – vx. Faisal Zedan – perc. 2016
Lindsey jamming with Marc T from Dirge (band) in some SF bar. Sunshine of Your Love instro. Jean, Suzie, Catherine cameos.
Call For Peace – Art Is. AI. Promo Clip 2016