Gibson Guitar Reps Jenny Feeney & Jenny Marsh –
setup a promo photo shoot with iconic rock photographer Pat Johnson (Zeppelin, Journey, Tupac, Snoop, David Bowie, etc)
Pat & I soon became fast friends, working together on many occasions.
Pat’s photo of me (below) was apparently one of Pat’s favorites (or so he says!)
and hung alongside the others in his fabled South Park SF studio.
Currently at Pat

Vidclips below of Alva’s Gig with Joel Taylor & Ric Fierabracci. This gig is actually a rehearsal, being performed live. We had never played together (I had played with Joel and Stu Hamm in SF 6 months before). With all the mistakes of rehearsal on full display. This material wasn’t 12 bar blues or 2 chord vamps. The band arrives 15 minutes prior to gig, rehearsal dates cancelled, the venue was even reserved 2 hours before for any rehearsal time, which turned out to be 5 minutes, after 10 minutes of setup time. Yikes. Not ‘the best foot forward’. Lived and Learned. Get contracts!