Musician’s Showcase –

The showcases started in Houston, Tx in 1994 as an outlet for students to get real-life performing experience in real-life clubs. It continued every year (except 2009) and evolved into a highly respected forum for up and coming performers – thousands of players, future-signed bands, and world-famous guest musicians.

Many of the over 100 showcases (1994-2019) were tightly scripted 8-hr multi-art/multi-discipline productions. Non-stop stage & floor acts w/up to seventy five (75+) musicians; including fire & modern dance, magic, butoh, robotics, tech, sketch arts, on & on. From 1999 thru 2008, these marathon events were held quarterly. 30+ showcases alone held at the Red Devil/Polk St/SF during Dotcom era 2001-2002.

Everyone came, famous & not.

San Francisco venues that hosted Musicians’ Showcase include Slim’s, Bottom of the Hill, Thee Parkside, Red Devil Lounge, Tupelo, Grant&Green, OmniCircus, Pyramid, Storyville, Conn. Yankee, El Rio, The 23 Club, Hotel Utah…

Here is a list of some of the incredible players in the San Francisco scene, who performed over the years:

Kai Eckhardt – John McLaughlin, Garaj Mahal
Atma Anur – Journey, Cacophony, Shrapnel
Osam Ezzeldin – Dave Weckl, Billy Cobham
Stu Hamm – Joe Satriani, Steve Vai
Jude Gold – Jefferson Starship, GuitarPlayerMag
Pat Johnson – Iconic Rock Photog
Tal Morris – CCR, Huey Lewis
Brooklyn Layla Allman – daughter of Gregg Allman
Samantha Franklin – dancer Oakland
Uriah Duffy – Whitesnake
Jimmy Sage – Lee Rocker Band (Stray Cats)
The Naked MC
Roger Roche – 4 Non Blondes
David de la Torre – singer Austin, Tx
Clayton Gibb – Keb Mo’ Band
Deszon Claiborne – Don Cherry
Bryan Turner – vox Berkeley
Ray Sayre – gtr SF
Groovy Judy –  Psychedelic gtr
Audrey Neri – artist SF
Jason Muscat – TaintedLove
Marcelo Nicoli – bass Cremona, Italy
Julnar Rizk – violin
Marc T – Dirge
Ariane Cap – Cirque de Soleil
Chris James Band 
Christina Bailey – performer SF
Cory Clar – War
Kent Rosen – gtr SF
New Vegas Lounge – PerformanceArtRock
Ginger Murray – WriterPerformer
Steven Bolinger – Thith
BC Cliver –  SF gtr
John McDermott – gtr
Rich Beerman – gtr SouthBay
Norm Barahona – performer
Jake Calvo/J.U.G. – Chamorro/Guam
Doug Doppler – gtr Berkeley
Steven Winter – Ronnie Montrose band

A very special thanks to all of you who have performed in these shows thru the years. And all that attended.