The Past

ChaoticArtCircus 2000 – 2001 San Francisco

the wild & woolly days…

A poster of the satanic goat with horns.
Nov. 11, 2000 ChaoticArtCircus | November-To-Dismember Metalfest | Los Angeles
A person standing on fire with sticks in their hands.
A woman holding her baby in a room with lights.
A man playing violin on stage with other musicians.
cac 2001 AtmaAnur JulnarRizk StuHamm PeteKinkead RaySayre KristyGledhill
A group of people in costumes dancing on stage.
A woman in purple and black is performing on stage.
A white dress is shown on display in the dark.
A person in white dress and blue light
A person in costume is dancing on stage.
A page of an article about the circus.
ChaoticArtCircus PRESS SFChronicle Sept 5, 2001. Note: 6days after release (click to enlarge)
A group of people in costumes dancing on stage.

The beautiful soundscape album for ChaoticArtCircus: “Chaos Is Your Destiny” Kelli Wise composer. Integral to the live events. GoTo

Band: Human Zoo

Houston Texas Mid 90’s

Late 80’s New York City Hardcore Metal Scene

A woman in a leather coat holding a gun.
A woman in a dress and gloves standing on a bike.
A woman in black leather dress and boots.
A woman in black lingerie and gloves standing on a fence.

Veronica (Roni) Evanega| Multi-disciplined Artist | Entrepreneur | Parsons School of Design

A bridge with a view of the city.
Brooklyn Br 1990. Lived & rehearsed in Jay Joseph's bldg/4thAve6thSt/ParkSlope/old funeral parlor. Slept and rehearsed in the embalming room in the basement. Literally, a tomb when doors closed. Condos there now. Haunted, I'm sure. Rock and Roll!
A poster of two women in black and white.
Me, Roni Evanega, & Page Hamilton (gtr-Helmet) drove around NYC in my toyota pickup, shooting B-roll for Helmet's world premier Video "BlackTop". The images flash in the video bkgrnd. Helmet is using our Brklyn rehearsal room in part of the video. as well.
Life in Brooklyn in the 80’s.
Director– Tiller Russell. Netflix.

Band: BedRock

Houston, Texas Early 90’s

A black and white photo of three people.
Troy Guillette | Mike Meade | Lindsey Boullt | Stuart Strong - mgr. Bedrock ~ Fall '93 every Sunday nite  - KHTV CH39 - studio band for "Rock & Roll Sports TV Show" starring Irv White. Each week hosting NFL, NBA, MLB stars...Warren Moon, Haywood Jeffries, Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell,  Houston Oilers Cheerleaders, boxing world champ Ray Mercer, Olympians, etc.... My son David, 13 y.o. at the time, always had fun on the Dave & Buster's set, and meeting all the stars.

Killer gig story

Bedrock-opens MTV event for Billboard Top 10 Band – ‘Cause & Effect’ 1994. Great Venue. Huge 3 Tier stage. Huge crowd.

Bedrock was a 3piece metal funk band. Our show ‘Intro’ was me screaming something, drummer starts 16th note drum roll as I run down the 3 tiers, jump to the last tier, slam the downbeat of the tune, and we’re ‘in’.

Mike is 50 feet away stage left.

Right at the very moment I start running down the tier…out of nowhere, this dude starts running right beside me…I leap to the last tier, the dude swan dives into the crowd, we hit the downbeat with a vengeance…Raaaaaawk…security team flies to the middle of the crowd and starts beating dude’s ass. The crowd erupts, the metal riffing up their asses, everyone jumps on the security team, massive mosh pit…and we’re only 10 seconds in….never let up the entire 30 minute opening set….so much fun.