Welcome students of ALL levels: from beginners who are new to the instrument to the seasoned professional seeking advanced concepts or new motivation. The true potential & artistic vision of each student is my ultimate goal as a guitar instructor.

Combining the foundational aspects of learning a musical instrument (technique, sight reading, music theory, modern fingerboard harmony & ear training) with the goals and interests of each student, we create a unique, personal and comprehensive course of study. Additionally, I offer focused programs for:

  • VIRTUAL LESSONS via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype
  • Advanced improvisational theory
  • Music school audition and performance
  • Band performance | Music Military
  • Combination/multi-instrument parent-children lessons

Lindsey’s students accepted into top music schools:

  • University of North Texas (student – L.Larsen. 1999)
  • Musician’s Institute/Los Angeles (students – I.Stahl 2004. A.Schwartz 2007.)
  • Berklee College of Music in Boston (student – C.Brown. 2008)
  • NYU Clive Davis Institute. (students – A.Neri., A.Fairchild 2017)
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Lindsey is now a guitar chair at SF Day School, Mission Montessori SF, Musicians In The Making/Hilldale School-Daly City.

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Audrey Neri & Aiko Fairchild win Teen Open - battle of bands San Francisco. Both are now in the NYU Clive Davis Program.
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C. B.'s note to Lindsey on Berklee Press Modern Guitar Book Inside cover 2008

Musicians’ Institute

Los Angeles

ENDORSEMENT ~ Beth Marlis, Vice President, Musicians’ Institute
Lindsey is spectacularly creative and wildly talented musician, and I had the pleasure and honor of working closely with him when he was a member of the GIT faculty from 2005 to 2008. I personally observed how he approached each student, each class, and each day with the incredible focus, dedication, deep integrity and love of a natural teacher. I was equally impressed with his monster guitar playing and passionate, eclectic compositions–both are evidence of a truly elite artist. His dedication to his art is matched by his mentorship, inspiration and profound support for emerging young artists and is (in turn) deeply informed by his vision for the community, (and world) at large. He is deserving of the utmost respect and profound acknowledgement for his work and his inspiration to all who know him. “Beth Marlis, Vice President, Musicians Institute.

Video Clip of Musicians Institute/Hollywood CA

Super Speed Ensemble 2007 | Lindsey Boullt – Instructor

Ensemble: Johan Ingler – Sweden | Emil Rohbe – Sweden | Daniel Stockwell – USA