Hip Sister

Randy Allar’s “The Fusion Show”-WCSB, Cleveland, Ohio | Lindsey Boullt INTERVIEW | Journey to “Composition” | 06/30/10
Tribute to John Mclaughlin Shakti – Joy. Lindsey Boullt | Kai Eckhardt | Faisal Zedan

The Buzz

1st Annual Porchfest – huge success. After-party at the Grateful Dead members home. Rawk!...

GIT Super Speed Ensemble  DRILLS – TAB. Wicked – 6’s/9’s/9-9-6-12’s String Skipping 6’s. Johan Ingler’s Insane Lotso Stringo Skippo Licks.             August 12, 2017 – Kids Festival! Check the flyer, and come on out! Live performances by young musicians from around......

Lindsey signs artist endorsement contract with iconic Fishman Company . SUMMER 2016 CONCERT! We’re the opening act for Larry Dunn & Earth, Wind & Fire Concert. Art Is. AI. – Lindsey Boullt, Kai Eckhardt, Osam Ezzeldin, Sean Rickman, Tina Glenn, Samantha Franklin. Art Is. AI. “Witch......

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