Excited to have this interview with Shopify & Geijo Magazine’s Anastasia Filipenko.
StoryFocus: “The SF Years – sustaining the artistic whirlwind” 
“How to succeed in San Francisco with only a guitar, no network and massive rent due.”
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Lindsey Boullt | Artistic Entrepreneur |Interview




Jenn Fujii – Artist (and yes, the same Jenn Fujii – 3x U.S. national champion aerobic gymnast) has a solo showing at The PassDoor Gallery/Sonoma. Jenn’s stunning abstract paintings are to behold, and to have in your presence.

2 hrs non-stop “fingerstyle, chord-melody, altered tunings etc” guitar at the event.

Very honored to play for, and to know, this incredibly inspiring human.

Jenn Fujii https://www.facebook.com/jenniferfujii10/

The Passdoor Gallery https://www.thepassdoor.net/



Japanese CD auction – promo blurb 2023

YAHOO – JAPAN | CD auction page

This is probably the debut and only work released in 2007 by Lindsey Boullt, a hyper jazz rock guitarist from the United States who was a completely unknown newcomer at the time of this work’s release. The release was a completely self-produced version without a label, and as a result, it is currently a difficult-to-obtain version with no prospect of reissue or repressing. Although it is an independent release, the quality of the product is truly impressive, and it is bound in a digipack with a full color jacket that will satisfy enthusiasts who are not satisfied with just listening to the audio. As for his career as a performer, according to the commentary, he is a genius who started playing the guitar at the age of 21 and graduated from California’s Guitar Institute Technology at the age of 27 with excellent grades, and he made his debut with this work several years later. . By the way, they haven’t released any work since then, and I don’t even hear their name in progressive rock or metal fusion genres anymore, so maybe they’ve retired? Are you a guitar teacher? Putting aside such scrutiny, even though it has such a high level of content and is technically top-class, it has only received this level of treatment.Isn’t it normal for this class in the current state of the ongoing technical jazz fusion scene that is crowded around the world? Was that what it meant? Still, looking at the members participating in this work, it is clear that they were highly regarded among musicians of this genre, including Derek Sherinian (keyboard) of Dream Theater ~ Planet X, Jerry Goodman (violin) of Mahavishnu Orchestra, and 80s. A studio recording made in 2007 with the participation of the great slapper Stuham (bass), the hidden gem Jeremy Colson (drums), the former Santana member Mingo Lewis (percussion) who left behind a super stupid jazz rock composition, and even vocalists and sitar players. Although it feels like a prog-metal texture in terms of performance, the skillful use of the Middle East mode in all the songs sets it apart from mere metal fusion music, giving off an overwhelming impact. A 21st century hyper-technical guitar jazz-rock masterpiece that is like a combination of Planet X, Greg Howe and Brett Garsud. Must listen! ! ! LINDSEY BOULLT-composition(not on label)