Beyond thrilling – Billboard Magazine Lindsey Boullt Artist Page 2008-2012.

Also here listed on Led Zeppelin Billboard Mag Page – Upper RH corner of the page, View the similar artists…AND, listed on the Mahavishnu Orchestra page, as well.
THERE I AM – the bald guy holding the guitar (the ‘similar artists’ list also included…Black Sabbath, Derek & the Dominos, Tommy Bolin, Return To Forever, Weather Report, Chick Corea, Tribal Tech, Al Di Meola!

After 4 years, Billboard changed their website. Rock n Roll!






“Notable Alumni” – University of Texas/Arlington Magazine 2012. 

Poignant memory: By the time I made it to university, my life to date was very difficult most of the time (recap: I was 21 yo, and never studied or played any instrument prior). And then I went to music school. Times turned bleak. There was no money. None. I worked 2 jobs to pay for, and attend class full-time, additionally practicing the instrument 4 to 6 hours a day – everyday. Money ran out every other Wednesday. Paid again on Fridays. Every other Wednesday, I would buy enough gasoline to make the 30 mile commute through to Friday classes, and, I would buy a pack of cigarettes (I am not a cigarette smoker). Smoking the cigarettes curbed my appetite, becoming my meals from Wednesday’s lunch until I could get paid on Friday at 7p. This lasted for several months. Those were tough days.

I never missed one class at school during those years, not one. The human spirit trying to advance, I guess.

During the years 1981-1991, I averaged 4 hours of sleep a night…for the entire decade. Working full-time jobs, raising a family, practicing or playing at least 4 hours a night/every night/never missed, and never missed my family obligations. A family tragedy occurred in 1991 that halted the trajectory for about a year. During which, it dawned on me to add up the hours of sleep lost vs. the hours of sleep a person averaging 7-8 hours a night of sleep.  The result was, that I had been ‘awake’ for a year and a half (1 & 1/2 years) longer than the average persons’ sleeping during that decade. A non-stop whirlwind that would only see to dramatically increase…

The artistic onslaught resumed, now with a stronger sense that ‘life may be very short…so, full speed ahead’.

The hectic pace increased dramatically in San Francisco from 1998, for 20 years.

The University acknowledging my work is a huge feeling of accomplishment for me, as one can imagine. I am very grateful to the University, the UTA Music Department, and Jazz Director Bill Snodgrass for giving me a chance. I was honored with a visit from UTA president, James Spaniolo, here in SF 2009. That was a fun day.


Friday, August 3, 2012
FLASHBANGBOOM! – music/art performance/technology/underground
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Lindsey Boullt’s Musician Showcase
w/Ginger Murray’s Beesknees Production Co.
Showcases SF/Bay rising artists in music/art performance/technology/underground.
Televised on JazzCult TV, SF Bay area